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Below is Harley

If you have ever considered adopting an adult Doodle, Harley is offered by the Doodle Rescue for your consideration. He is not one of my babies, but is a wonderful dog for the right person.

Harley is a three year old male neutered Poodle cross. He is represented as a labradoodle, but I suspect a Sheepadoodle(Sheepdog/poodle). Harley has no health issues that we have seen. His coat is luxurious, his eating habits are wonderful and he is an overall happy boy.

He is 63 pounds, a large dog. Light to completely non shedding, he has a nice loose wave. Will need regular grooming, but no curls. He is stunning.

Harley is absolutely perfect in the home. He does not roughhouse, no begging, does not even get up on furniture. He will look out a window, but no barking or obsessive behavior. No potty, chewing or jumping. He is crate trained.

Harley is good on leash, loves the car and will wade in water. If given a chance he would probably love to swim.

Harley is fine with no other dogs, he likes to play but sometimes he will play a little rough. He does not get aggressive, but will body slam at high speeds.

Harley does body slam at high speed with children as well, no kids or grand kids in his forever home.

Harley loves to sunbathe outside. It is his favorite thing in the world. He does not require a ton of exercise, he likes to get out, but is the same dog if it rains for a few days as he is if you are running marathons.

Harley has his sit, stay, beginnings of "place" and recall. His recall has been an issue in the past, should be handled properly or he may recall over enthusiastically. That includes jumping up on you and mouthing. "Properly" is simply in a calm manner.

Harley needs a home, he wants relationship. He likes to be important. He has been excellent for his foster for a month now, he needs an advocate.

Harley is not the standard Doo that wants everyone to reach out and grab his face. He likes his Mom and Dad. He does not pay attention to strangers, no aggressive behavior, but he is not receptive to strangers suddenly manhandling him. He is great with any visitors to your home, but people tend to want to grab Doo's because of their sheer cuteness and he needs an owner who will make proper introduction.

Harley had some body sensitivities. His bottom and his neck were areas he was cautious with. He now reaches both out to his handler for scratches. This was most likely simply a groomer who did not take the time to work with him.  He needs reassurance when grooming, but has been clipped and brushed repeatedly since fostered and is excellent.

Harley has rear dew claws(one reason I suspect sheepdog)they are sensitive his groomer needs to know about them.

Harley loves you, he is not a great candidate for the dog park as he was not properly socialized as a youngster and plays a little rough, but with time and relationship there is nothing you could not do with Harley.

He does not have a high tolerance for pain. Call him sensitive. Vets, groomers and all in contact need to understand this about him. He is a very chill dog who needs an adult owner who loves him.

To submit an application to adopt Harley please visit

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