For 13 years I have been what you would call an "Extreme Hobbyist" breeder. I was a part of Doodles before the minis', the multigenerational and the double doodles. I love my dogs, I love my pups and I have not only great Doodles out there, but I have great owners. I only advocate the Standard F1 Goldendoodles.

I am seeing more people who are confused about breeding practices, I hear way too often that a Doo is not what they were represented as.  Doing your homework and researching is not easy, as you can put any info you desire on the net and it becomes truth.

Here are some straight "truth's" from my point of view.

-Hybrid vigor is B.S.
-Their coat requires a lot of maintenance
-A floppy eared dog is prone to yeast
-They are puppies for the first year at least, pain in the butt puppies
-The rescue states that the #1 reason they get Doo's, is families with kids feeling like they are in over their heads
-You have to train your Doo. Biggest issues, jumping on people, rushing the door and puling on leash. Some barking and digging in there too
-If you want health and longevity, you have to feed your Doo right and start looking into the right vet. These tender dogs do not do well with 9 vaccinations in one visit, wormer and antibiotics for an ear infection. No dog does, but for some reason we do to our dogs what we would never do to our kids. Break it up, get ear powder and start wondering what all the toxic stuff we put on our dogs is doing to their life span
-If you have dog allergies but can handle some dogs, do not buy a pup.  They all go through chemo hair, and are all different. If you desire a Doo, look into an adult from rescue or accept you need a standard poodle.
-One reason Doo's have such a good rep is that we have higher expectations of them. We let our previous dogs be horrible, we want something different. Socializing is the key. Critical Association is between 7 and 12 weeks, get your freaking puppy out. Not to Pet Co or a dog park yet, but Lows, Home Depot, 1/2 price books, Bass Pro, restaurants, and friends homes with dogs you know are healthy. Playdates are essential.

I hear from dozens of people a day. Some wanting pups, some wanting help. The latest nonsense is people ordering an F1 doodle from a breeder and getting a pup that ends up NOT being a Poodle/Golden cross. For heaven's sake, get what you order. Breeder's have a bad rep, they have a bad rep because some do bad things. The Doo craze is bringing out the very worst in breeders.

We are retired from breeding, but this was our standard.

No deposit until after they are born and you have chosen a baby. E-mail me and we can chat, you can share your preferences, and I will get you on my list.

Once born and we have picked a pup I did have a deposit, my contract states that the deposit is 100% refundable if at any point in the 9 weeks you are being updated with info and pictures by me, or after you meet your baby, you are not completely in love.  All deposits for living breathing creatures should be refundable. It is important to me that you are crazy about your pup.  The deposit does go toward the total price of your pup.

Yes, we have the standard 2 year health guarantee in our contract, but really we are here for lifetime.

Pups were exposed to my other dogs, a doggie door, and my children!

We raise each of the babies as though we were keeping them for ourselves. I can't tell you that you need to purchase your Goldendoodle from us to have a quality pet, it seems to me that you just can't go wrong at this point with any First Generation Standard Goldendoodle you find. They are awesome dogs.  There are a few things we do to try to make the transition from our home to yours easier on both owner and pup.  We also insist on getting the first vaccination in the pups before they leave, 9 weeks is our standard. Texas law states a Minimum of 8 weeks before they can leave the breeder, letting them go before 8 weeks of age is illegal and immoral.

We think we are breeding the perfect dog. There is no reason to cross further, so we ask owners to spay or neuter their pups. Boys and girls are equally awesome, so we price them the same.  We only breed Goldendoodles here, this is a home and loving family, not a puppy mill. There are loads of excellent breeders out there and as I said, you can choose just about any F1 Goldendoodle and not go wrong, so please be sure you are buying from one of the good ones. If a person has quite a few different breeds available then you may want to further investigate before buying a pup.Good luck with your search for the perfect canine companion and if we have one that strikes your fancy, let us know and I will get you more pictures and information.

I needed to put this on the site, I end up writing it to everyone and as many times as I say it and know it is the only way to keep everyone's pup safe, it still seems unfair. The babies are worms, they will not even have eyes open for two weeks, let alone show anyone their darling personalities. Doo's are consistently wonderful, mine and all the other's I have met. The main difference is coat, I strive to produce waves, no tight curls as I breed the Golden as the dam. Doo's who have curls are generally from Poodle Mom's with Golden Dad's. There are many exceptions to this. Size is pretty consistent, in 9 years I have produced only one runt and kept him for 4 months to be sure he was fine, he was thank goodness. I cannot allow visitors until the babies have been vaccinated , so 9 weeks. Parvo lives on clothes and everything else for an unknown amount of time. They froze the virus in the arctic and 10 years later it was still alive. I am responsible to ten other owners, I cannot risk the pups getting this fatal disease. What I do to try to counter the disappointment of this, is to take a deposit and send weekly pictures. If after vaccinations we meet and you do not love your pup, I will happily place your pup elsewhere and refund your money.
All that said, I have never had parvo in my house. I know this from owners who had deposits on pups elsewhere who came to me after the other breeder lost entire litters. It is at my vet's recommendation and has worked like a dream for all my years of breeding. My house becomes like a quarantine, even my kids are not allowed to have guests, no biggie for us, we live in the middle of nowhere anyway. If you can pick a pup by photo, great, if not I totally understand. I would be wary of any breeder who was letting strangers come in and view the babies, only because of this great risk.

People often ask me about adult dogs, I don't ever have one, but consider this option if you are looking for an adult.  Yes, they shed, yes they probably smell(shhhh..), but next to a Doo they are the greatest family dog out there, and they need permanent homes. 

  This link will take you to the North  Texas Golden Retriever Adoption Service.

The Process

First we communicate, you let me know your preferences and tell me all about yourself, then I share the birth with you.

After the kids are dry I take pictures and e-mail the photo's of the babies(worms) that match your preferences to you. You need to be thinking of names and getting answers from me for all your questions.

You will undoubtedly respond with worries about pink noses and coat color. To which I will explain they are all pink when born and all turn black, and that you cannot possibly tell a thing about coat color because the camera lies. Then we will look at gallery pictures together and I will show you on one of my mature kids what the babies coat will resemble.

I will send you a weekly update, including every detail of what has transpired during the week. For the first few weeks this is very little but I manage to make a thesis about it anyway.

Starting to look like a pup by 7 days old. Nose and toe pads are getting color, we now "mew" quite a bit.

Next, our eyes open. It is very exciting, I want you to be excited too. I will get the, "Why are they blue and hazy"? E-mail a few times, I am very understanding about your concerns and will patiently explain that they are still not able to see and soon we will have dark eyes.

This is the week you want to see a body shot. Now we are movers and shakers, and this is impossible. Holding is the only way to get a picture unless you want one of your pup's back and my feet. They like me and want me to pick them up. You will see because as soon as you get your pup I will write you insisting on a body shot.  This is a punishment you will soon understand as you send my pictures of your pup's back and your feet.

Finally getting cute. Now that eyes are well open, I have to take pictures outside or everyone looks like a red eyed devil pup. This is where the fun begins as your pup will look white in some light and gold in other light. From week to week they will not look the same color. Sorry.

Babies are growing up. They are answering to their names, are weaned, are hellions, and are completely wonderful. Start getting your home ready.

Your pictures will show washable marker on your baby's head. This is because I have taken pictures earlier, then medicated with whatever the kids are getting treated for, and only then realized all the pictures are blurry and I have to retake with a big purple mark on head. I whip through yucky meds, so a face mark makes knowing who I have done easier. If you have kids, they will love this decoration.

Your baby is ready. Staying an extra while or even few weeks is never a problem. I will start organizing when and where with everyone, and by now we will be quite the family.

I used Scout for these pictures as he has a spot on his head, otherwise they change so much you would not have realized these are all the same pup. The growing up process is amazing.

Remember, your contract states and I will tell you over and over, the deposit is 100% refundable. If at any time your lifestyle changes, or you just don't fall in love with your pup, I will immediately refund your deposit and still think you are a terrific person.

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